About Us

Bradford Kent Integrated Solutions traces its roots back to a high school basketball court, circa 1993, where Jim Bradford Hays and Brian Kent Galloway first started working together as teammates.  In 2006 they found themselves going “back to school”, having been hired on by the same high school they had both graduated from years before.  Jim became the school’s first Director of Information Technology and Brian headed up the Facilities Department.  While collaborating on countless Facilities and Technology projects, an informal partnership was formed and a business idea began to take shape.  In early 2012, Bradford Kent Integrated Solutions, LLC, was founded, and while it is no longer about layups and no-look passes, the same spirit of teamwork continues to excite Jim and Brian as they work together on behalf of their clients.

Jim attended Fresno Pacific University where he received a Bachelors Degree in History, focusing on American and Modern History. As Jim was finishing up his first year of school there, he first started providing technology solutions for businesses. From 1997 to present, Jim has provided scalable, effective technology platforms for growing companies in a variety of industries, including Supply Chain Management, Construction and Remodeling, Finance and Investing, Education, Marketing and Digital Media. In addition to working with executive level leaders as a Technology Director, Jim has also advanced his technical abilities with certifications and training in Microsoft SQL, Sharepoint, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, Apple Open Directory, as well as other core business productivity platforms.

Brian attended the United States Naval Academy where he received a Bachelors of Science in Systems Engineering. Upon graduating he was Commissioned as an Officer in the US Navy and was stationed in San Diego. He received his Master of Business Administration from Brandman University (part of the Chapman University system) with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership. Brian specializes in: Network Design, Utilities Analysis and Visualization, Risk Management, Sustainable Operations, Project Management, Building Controls and Automation, and Process Improvement.